Cheryl Millsaps, CCE, SPHR

VP Finance and Administration at Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce

July 15, 2015, Cheryl managed Shawna directly

Shawna is great researcher, very detailed in her work, a solid writer and is willing to work on any project sent her way.

David Guffey

Self Employed

June 30, 2015, David managed Shawna directly

Shawna is a person that is always eager to take on new challenges and conquer them with zeal. She has a commitment of excellence. It was great to have her as a part of our team.

Steven Zaharakis

Pipeline Technical Director at Warner Bros. Animation

June 18, 2015, Shawna worked with Steven in the same group

Shawna is a valuable member on the Board of Directors at American Families United, a non profit organization devoted to helping US Citizens navigate the often treacherous immigration system for their immigrant spouses. If not for her diligent effort and constant perseverance in communicating with various Congressional representatives, American Families United would not have accomplished introducing a bi-partisan bill to support US Citizen families in the House of Representatives. She played a major role in gaining co-sponsorship from representatives, as well as helping to research and educate others on key issues within the immigration system. -Steven Zaharakis, West Coast VP American Families United